20 Cats Who Are Ready To Take Over That World

If there is one thing that people love to do on the Internet, it is look at cats. It doesn’t matter if it is cat pictures, cat videos or even cat cartoons, it keeps us busy during the day. In fact, some people will jump from one video to the next and before they know it, they have spent hours sitting in front of the computer, doing nothing but checking out felines.

Of course, some cat pictures are more awesome than others, but we have managed to compile 20 of the most fascinating pictures you will ever see. Just looking at the expressions on their faces and the situations where they find themselves shows you that cats not only have a personality, they have awesomeness behind them.

My cat doesn’t like my new slippers

He saw the kids playing on it so he wants to play on it to

She actually chewed herself an armrest

Meet the neighbours

This is how my cat looks when I find her stash

Go ahead and spend the extra money on a cat bed, they’ll love it!

Not sure what’s going on here

What could be better than spoiling your cat with an iPad and his own yurt?

Now my cat is charged

It took me 10 minutes to find him

I’m under attack

It’s my first trip to the vet

I don’t even own a cat. He just jumped in my car and will not leave

My cat needs a diet

I spilled my cats milk and have no replacement. He stared at me while I was eating dinner

How many crackers fit on your sleeping cat?

I just meowed back at my cat

His Royal Majesty has arrived

My cat hates snow

Everybody has to have a job

H/T: Brightside

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