Little Girl Loses Her Limbs To A Rare Disease And Gets A Perfect Mini-Me Doll

Little girls love playing with dolls. Admittedly, not every little girl may love playing with them but most little girls grew up with dolls and play with them regularly. Harmonie-Rose Allen could be counted among those who love dolls, but most dolls look quite different than her.

Harmonie had meningitis when she was a baby and due to the disease, she lost her legs, arms and part of her nose. To cheer the little girl up, her parents surprised her with a mini-me doll that looks just like her. It even has prosthetic legs!


When Harmonie-Rose Allen was just a baby, she contracted meningitis B.

She was rushed to the hospital, just days after she took her first steps.


Doctors said that it was the worst case that they had ever seen of meningitis. They gave her only a 10% chance of survival. During the time that she was in the hospital, she was on life support but thankfully, she pulled through.


Because of meningitis, doctors had to amputate her legs, arms and the tip of her nose. Just a few months after her surgeries, she was fitted with prosthetics.


The little girl’s parents wanted to give their daughter a special gift because she was so brave. They thought a doll would be appropriate, but they wanted a doll that was just like their daughter.

The doll that they chose is also missing her arms and her legs.


Harmonie absolutely loves her new doll!

“The doll’s name is Rebecca. She loves it, and she says, ‘She’s like me, mummy!”

You can see the heartwarming moment when she received the doll in this video:

Via: Little Things

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