Nobody RSVPs To The Baby Shower, Then Packages Start Showing Up From Strangers

There are many things to look forward to when you’re expecting a child. Many parents will be busy getting the home ready for the new arrival and there are also some special events, including the baby shower. The shower allows you to celebrate the new arrival with your family and closest friends.

When the baby shower happens, the gifts are nice to receive but it is more about sharing in something special with the mother-to-be. Bailey was looking forward to her baby shower but something went wrong. When somebody was on her gift registry at Walmart, they noticed that no one had RSVPed and not a single gift was purchased.

Bailey’s friend did not want the day to go by without some type of recognition, so she took action. She went to the Internet and asked if they would send some love to Bailey, even if it was just a tiny gesture. People from all over the world responded and they did so in an awesome way.

Bailey created a gift registry for a baby shower. She was pregnant with a baby girl.

When her best friend was browsing the gift registry, she saw that no one had bought any gifts and not a single RSVP was sent. The prices were not extravagant, they ranged from $.97 to $27.

Her friend was heartbroken so she asked the Internet for help. She had her father post this message to Reddit:

My best friend of more than 10 years is pregnant with a baby girl and her baby shower is this weekend. I just found out that no one is planning on coming except for me. I went to her registry on Walmart today and it has 0 items purchased so far. She’s obviously upset that no one RSVP’d for her baby shower and because I’m the only one attending and I was hoping Reddit would be able to help cheer her up. Her registry items range from $0.97 bottles all the way up to a $27 Nursery monitor. I know a few random acts of kindness would really make her day this Sunday.

Something amazing took place. Packages began to flood into her home. Her friends kept them at their homes so she could be surprised on the day of the baby shower.

Bailey’s friend wrote the following:

“We arrived there and met 4 other people including Bailey and her mum. One had brought a cake, and Bailey’s mum made some snacks. Four more people arrived so the 10 of us total played a couple of games, ate and then she opened her two gifts on the table (stroller and our gift).”

“When she was done opening the two gifts we told her we have a surprise in the car. We said that, I knew of a wonderful little community on line that is all about random acts of kindness and I posted that we didn’t know if anyone was coming to her shower on Thursday. We mentioned that a few people gave to her baby shower, and took her outside. When we opened the trunk, and threw back the tarp over all the nappys in the truck bed, her and her mum started crying. With each bag of gifts & box of nappys she would bounce up in down, half smiling, half crying.”

We told her that the gifts came from all over the world and read her some of the tags (Shout out to Australia, Belguim, Canada, Finland, Netherlands and the UK!). As we read each wonderful thing that you glorious people wrote on the delivery slips her mum was shaking her head in disbelief saying, “There are good people out there!” Bailey said, “I’ve never felt so good in my life, my baby is going to be taken care of…”

Their entire family is extremely grateful and moved for what you’ve all done. The extended family has three girls that are pregnant including Bailey right now and everything you’ve gifted will be passed down as Braelynn uses them. So know that you’ve helped not just one, but many families here.


Every gift on the registry was purchased. Only a few people showed up, but a lot of love was shown that day.

Via: Little Things

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